How do you change Roblox settings to 13+?

The age setting cannot be changed. Roblox is committed to providing safety and privacy protection for our users.
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What happens when you turn 13 on Roblox?

Improvements in gameplay, and the ability to login on Roblox's Developer's Forum. Can enter experiences rated as Ages 13+. Can add meshes into Roblox Studio. The Parental Controls section of My Account gets removed and most of the options are moved to the Security tab.
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Do parental controls turn off at 13 Roblox?

Players 12 years or younger have posts and chats filtered for inappropriate content and behavior, as well as personal information. Those 13 years or older can say more words and phrases than younger players, but personal information or inappropriate content remains restricted regardless of age.
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What are under 13 restrictions on Roblox?

If your child has set their age to under 13, Roblox will place them on a restricted chat system automatically. This means that they will only be able to directly message and be messaged by other users who are on their 'Friend' list.
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How to verify age on Roblox 13?

Navigate to In the top-right corner, click the gear icon to display a contextual dropdown menu, then select Settings. In the Personal section, click the Verify My Age button.
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How To CHANGE Your AGE if UNDER 13 On Roblox... (Change Birthday On Roblox)

Does Roblox have child settings?

Allowed Experiences are a section of Roblox's parental controls. With your Parental PIN, it allows you to set content limits by age. This means your child can only access content on Roblox that meets that age requirement.
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Should I let my 13 year old have Roblox?

How Old Should Kids Be to Play Roblox? There is no official age that kids can play Roblox, but Common Sense Media rates the platform safe for users 13+ "based on continuing challenges with problematic content.
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Can 24 years old play Roblox?

Our goal has always been to build an immersive platform for communication and connection with safety and civility at its foundation. Roblox is a platform for all ages where no matter how old people are, they can connect with friends and discover a wide range of relevant, engaging, and age-appropriate experiences.
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What is the Roblox 17+ update?

17+ experiences on Roblox may include vulgar or obscene language and allow it in user communications (including text and voice chat). However, we do not allow users to use Strong Language to discriminate, insult, harass, or intimidate others, including: Slurs or hate speech. Strong Language used in a sexual context.
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Can Roblox be age restricted?

Roblox also groups games into four age-based categories to indicate appropriateness: All Ages, 9+, 13+, and 17+. The platform's parental settings give you the ability to curate the content your kids may have access to when playing based on these age groups with Allowed Experiences controls.
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Is Roblox safe for 5 year olds?

Roblox doesn't specify a minimum age. Users of any age can create and join groups, chat, and interact with others. Such an open approach can pose some risks to kids, especially younger ones. And though Roblox has some safety precautions in place, it remains a target for people with less-than-good intentions.
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How old is my Roblox account?

To find out when your account was created, simply follow these steps: Go to your profile by tapping on Profile in the navigation menu. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Your join date should be listed in the Statistics Box.
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How do you check your age on Roblox?

How to verify your Age ID
  1. Login to your account.
  2. Go to Settings (the gear icon located at the upper-right corner of the site)
  3. Select the Account Info tab.
  4. Underneath your birthday, click the button that says Verify My Age.
  5. A popup will appear and on your desktop computer, you will see a QR code.
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Can I use my moms ID for Roblox VC?

Yes you can, Roblox said “13+” and 13 year folds obviously cannot use a ID since they don't have one, that in mind, They mean your parents. You can use your mom or dads ID since that is technically consent “Hey you can let my son/daughter have voice chat” so yes you can use your parents ID.
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Why won t Roblox verify my age?

A: Make sure the image you capture is clear and the entire document is in the frame. Blurry images will take a longer time to process. Documents in certain countries may also take longer than others, such as when non-Roman characters are present.
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Is verify my age legit?

We're rated Excellent on Trustpilot from over 1000 reviews.

”Really simple and easy to follow, felt comfortable that I did not need to verify with a credit card and am impressed with the face scan feature!” ”Quick and easy. Done within 30 seconds of receiving the text. Gives you 3 options!
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What does Roblox 17+ allow?

17+ Content is only suitable for ages 17 and up. May contain strong violence, heavy realistic blood, moderate crude humor, romantic themes, unplayable gambling content, the presence of alcohol, and/or strong language.
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Is Roblox 13 plus?

Roblox treats experiences without guidelines the same as experiences with an age recommendation of Ages 13+, meaning Roblox doesn't recommend them to younger users.
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Can 20 year olds play Roblox?

More late teens and twenty-somethings are playing Roblox

Roblox boasted 58.8 million daily active users at the end of 2022, and a good chunk of those were older players. Users appear to be spending less on average in Roblox, although that hasn't prevented a notable uptick in revenue at developer Roblox Corporation.
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How do I turn off parental controls at 13?

I can't disable parental controls and I'm over 13
  1. The Family Link supervisor to open an incognito window or private browser then sign-in to your child's account.
  2. Open another incognito tab then go to
  3. Read the terms of service then select "I'm ready".
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