Which console is Steam Deck comparable to?

Nintendo Switch OLED While you can't play the latest PC games here, the Nintendo Switch shares the same form factor as the Steam Deck. It has detachable controllers and docks when you want big-screen gameplay.
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What is the Steam Deck comparable to?

The Steam Deck's GPU is roughly equivalent in power to Nvidia's GTX 1050 or GTX 950, with a maximum throughput of around 1.6 teraflops​​. Can the Steam Deck handle modern games? Yes, the Steam Deck can handle modern games smoothly, similar to the performance of Nvidia GTX 1060 or RTX 2060 GPUs​​.
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How powerful is Steam Deck compared to console?

In terms of graphics, the PS5's mightier GPU has 10.28 TFLOPS of computing performance compared to the Steam Deck's 1.6 TFLOPS. On the output front, the PS5 supports up to 4K resolution and ray tracing, whereas the Steam Deck is confined to FHD, 1280 x 800.
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Is Steam Deck as powerful as PS5?

Undoubtedly, the PS5 holds an advantage over the Steam Deck in terms of performance, with quicker load times and smoother gameplay. Nevertheless, the Steam Deck manages to offer an impressive gaming experience, particularly when it comes to portable gaming.
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How does Steam Deck compare to a computer?

IGN's Steam Deck review tested its capabilities with the 3DMark Time Spy gaming benchmark, which hit a score of 1,715. That's slightly behind a laptop with Intel Iris Xe graphics, which scored 1,837, and way behind a budget gaming laptop with Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics, which scored 3,764.
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Steam Decks Compared! 64GB vs 512GB

Is Steam Deck better than PS4?

Overall the Steam Deck is somewhere in between the PS4 and PS4 Pro, however, it supports more modern GPU features that will improve fidelity compared to the GCN architecture in PS4/Pro.
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Is a Steam Deck worth it over a PC?

Steam Decks are useful and can provide a lot of entertainment, but they aren't essential. You can play all the same games on your desktop PC or a gaming laptop that you can play on a Steam Deck, so a Steam Deck is more of a convenience than a necessity.
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Why is Steam Deck so popular?

Steam Deck's greatest achievement is its simplification of PC gaming. The device runs an easy-to-use operating system called SteamOS 3. This OS is visual heavy with a focus on game box art and streamlined menus similar to those you would find on a traditional game console.
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Is Steam Deck stronger than Nintendo Switch?

There's not really any way around it: the Steam Deck has much faster performance. The use of custom AMD processors and RDNA2-based graphics gives the Steam Deck a huge advantage in terms of gaming performance. Games can look much better while also running more smoothly than they do on the Switch.
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Does Steam Deck run better than switch?

In terms of raw specs, Steam Deck wins handily. Its AMD GPU with 16GB RAM dwarfs Nintendo's Nvidia Tegra mobile chipset with just 4GB RAM. That's not to knock Nintendo; it just doesn't care that much about raw horsepower like other console manufacturers do.
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Is Steam Deck the best handheld console?

Though my favorite handheld overall is still the Nintendo Switch, the OLED Steam Deck from Valve has won me over with its features and performance, and its expansive game library. Of all the gaming handheld devices that arrived this year, the Steam Deck OLED is my favorite by far.
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Can the Steam Deck run most games?

With Steam Deck, we're bringing your Steam Library to a new form factor—a portable gaming PC. While many games run great on Deck out of the box, this shift means there are some games that, while they may be great on a desktop PC, aren't a great experience on Steam Deck.
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Is Steam Deck more powerful than Xbox Series S?

Series S is significantly more powerful. Both consoles are RDNA2, Steam Deck is 1.6 TF and Series S is 4TF. Series S also have a more powerful cpu and faster ram.
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Can Steam Deck run Cyberpunk 2077?

Steam Deck delivers 30 FPS experience with low to medium settings. Fear not, Steam Deck owners! Cyberpunk 2077 is still playable despite the steeper system requirements associated with the new 2.0 update.
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Can you connect Steam Deck to TV?

You can connect your Steam Deck to a television with a simple USB-C to HDMI connector, which you can snag for 10 bucks or less. However, this inexpensive solution doesn't supply power to your Steam Deck, so you'll only be able to play for as long as the Deck has juice.
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Can you install windows on Steam Deck?

In an update released in spring 2022, the Steam Deck allows players to install and run Windows OS 10 and 11 on the device. Unfortunately, installing Windows on the Steam Deck's SSD will mean one has to wipe their device's SSD. Wiping the SSD is far from ideal and carries risks and headaches for the user.
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What is the OLED version of Steam Deck?

Steam Deck OLED comes with Wifi 6E, offering increased bandwidth and lower latency. This means faster downloads (up to 3 times faster!) and stable online play. Thanks to a bigger fan and updated thermals, Steam Deck OLED runs cooler. It weighs 30g, or ~5% lighter than the LCD model, due to the screen.
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Can you watch Netflix on Steam Deck?

Luckily, Netflix runs well on the web browsers available on the Steam Deck. Please feel free to comment below if you need help getting Netflix to run on your device. We have many other guides for the Steam Deck to get the system set up for your needs.
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Has Steam Deck flopped?

And the handheld gaming PC is often at or near the top of Steam's top-selling chart — even just two months after the device's official February 2022 launch, it was clear that the Steam Deck was not a flop.
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Is the Steam Deck worth buying in 2024?

The handheld realm might be intimidating to newcomers and if you're not well informed you might end up making the wrong choice. The Steam Deck is one of the finest handheld devices to have in 2024. However, there are a bunch of alternatives so we've chosen a few excellent options for you to consider.
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Can you play Nintendo games on Steam Deck?

[🎮] To play Switch games on the Steam Deck, users need game files, original Switch firmware, prod keys, and title keys, which can be obtained through a custom firmware modded Nintendo Switch.
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Is the Steam Deck touchscreen?

7" touchscreen

Type and swipe through the Steam UI with Deck's capacitive multi-touch display.
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What can't you do with a Steam Deck?

you can't download games to it while you play games on your computer, you can't mod games. You can't even connect it directly to your PC to move games over to it instead you have to download them which takes FOREVER.
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Can Steam Deck run all AAA games?

Valve's Steam Deck is capable of running several AAA titles while offering a stable and immersive experience on the go. Notable Mentions include Apex Legends, Street Fighter 6, Cyberpunk 2077, etc. Valve's Steam Deck was introduced to the market on 25th February 2022.
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