Why is Lara Croft so cool?

She is a highly intelligent, athletic, & beautiful English archaeologist who ventures into ancient tomb & ruins around the globe searching for ancient treasures & artifacts. She look so exquisite in this game. I am so captivated by her beauty in this game that I played the Rise of the TR 5 times already.
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Why was Lara Croft so popular?

While her initial design garnered attention for her physical attributes, the subsequent games developed her character and backstory, turning her into a multi-faceted, relatable protagonist. Lara was more than just a video game character; she became a symbol of female empowerment and a role model for many.
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Is Lara Croft a strong female character?

She was a rare example of a strong female protagonist in gaming who spent her time not as some damsel in distress but as a hero scouring tombs and shooting dinosaurs—while also being oversexualized simply for existing as a woman.
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Is Lara Croft a loner?

From the beginning of the Tomb Raider franchise, Lara Croft is portrayed as a loner. In some games, she is paired with a companion, but it is usually made clear that she works alone. Although Zip gives her guidance on her earpiece in games like Tomb Raider: Legend, Lara mostly ignores his advice and goes her own way.
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Why is Tomb Raider good?

Mixing platforming, puzzle-solving, and action into one, the original Tomb Raider turned Lara into a PlayStation icon and a mega-franchise of gaming that has aged remarkably well. It holds up just as well today as it did back then, and gamers can thank this game for starting the entire series.
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Why Lara Croft Tomb Raider Legend was SO AWESOME!

Which Tomb Raider is the scariest?

It can be creepy, adrenaline rushing and downright terrifying all with its atmosphere alone, and that's why the original Tomb Raider will always be one of, if not the most, scariest of the series.
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Is Tomb Raider as good as Uncharted?

This might be true, so the verdict is as follows: if you prefer straightforward action-adventure stuff, then Uncharted is the best here. If you like a more nuanced gameplay model with lots of additional features, then pick the Tomb Raider reboot trilogy instead, especially if you like stealth.
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Does Lara Croft wear a bra?

In Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001), Angelina Jolie had to wear bra padding, in order for her bust size to measure up to the videogame character. Jolie wears considerably less (and possibly no) padding in this film, as the decision was made to give Lara more realistic dimensions.
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What type of girl is Lara Croft?

She is presented as a highly intelligent and athletic British archaeologist who ventures into ancient tombs and hazardous ruins around the world. Created by a team at British developer Core Design that included Toby Gard, the character first appeared in the video game Tomb Raider in 1996.
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Why is Lara Croft so rich?

Lara Croft, the lead character in the popular Tomb Raider franchise, was born into a wealthy family and inherited a large fortune, estimated to be worth $1.3 billion. Her archaeological deeds have only contributed to her fortune, with impressive finds such as the lost city of Atlantis or Pandora's Box.
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Does Lara Croft love someone?

Throughout the Tomb Raider Series, Lara Croft had a lot of relationships, although she appears to be a tough girl who doesn't show a lot of her emotions, she had numerous relations, it could be friends, lovers, enemies, family etc.
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How intelligent is Lara Croft?

Lara is also extremely intelligent and level headed, usually remained calm, even in the most dangerous situations. However, Lara is not without blood on her hands, having done many heinous things and broken many serious laws.
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Who is Lara Croft based off?

Inspired by pop artist Neneh Cherry and comic book character Tank Girl, Gard experimented with different designs, including a muscular woman and a Nazi-like militant. He settled on a tough South American woman with a braid named Laura Cruz.
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Is Lara Croft a billionaire?

9 Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) - $1.3 Billion

Lara is the heir to the Croft family fortune. While her exact net worth is never mentioned in any of the Tomb Raider games, estimates put her at around $1.3 billion in total assets.
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What is Lara Croft's personality?

Personality… intelligent, strong, fearless, and independent. Despite her pampered background, Lara is tough as nails, and displays an almost unmatched will to live. She thrives when she's alone and adventuring, though these tendencies do often put her at serious risk.
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Did Alex have a crush on Lara Croft?

It seemed that Alex had a crush on Lara, written in a journal entry, though it is never shown. He seems to get along very well with Lara, even if it annoys her at times, as he calls him both "Strange", "Sweet" and "Brilliant". He managed to entertain her, even in really critical moments, where she was desperate.
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How many languages does Lara Croft speak?

She knew the ancient Mayan languages, during her trip to Mexico. The Norse Underworld, she could understand all the symbols in the walls. Counting the above, she can speak at least 12 languages (a dozen, just like the guide book states ;) ) and an unspecified, probably large amount of ancient, no-longer-used languages.
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What is Lara Crofts favorite color?

Her favourite colour is some bizarre mix of brown, pink, red, green and blue.
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Is Lara Croft a hero or villain?

The only reason we view Lara Croft as the hero is because we play as her, but there's usually nothing noble or heroic about her actions. Conversely, she tends to create a big mess for her own self-gain. Her profession makes her a morally gray character at best and an outright villain at worst.
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What hair does Lara Croft have?

Lara Croft

This English archeologist has her hair always up, and the ponytail is sometimes braided, low, or high. There are often a few stray pieces of hair around her face. YouTube personality Alyson Tabbitha has a tutorial for creating the Jolie version of Lara's legendary braided pony.
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How old is Lara Croft in Tomb Raider?

And always wears a pony tail. In Tomb Raider, Lara Croft isn't the well-composed aristocrat players know from past games. This Lara is an approachable 21-year-old college girl still studying archaeology. Getting a job and being socially accepted are at the forefront of her mind.
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Who is stronger Nathan Drake or Lara Croft?

Wiz: Lara and Nathan have both displayed impressive feats of strength, durability, agility, and weapon skills, but Lara tended to have the edge in every category. Boomstick: Both of them were way stronger than you'd think. Nathan shoved a boulder large enough to weigh 20 tons.
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Which Tomb Raider should I play first?

Tomb Raider (1996)

The 1996 original Core Design classic might be a little challenging thanks to its controls these days, but it's well worth a go and you'll want to play it to get to them all in order. In the OG Tomb Raider, Lara Croft sets off on a globe-trotting adventure to find the mysterious Scion artefact.
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Which part of Tomb Raider is the best?

Out of all the classics, Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation is the best and the darkest. The game was originally going to be Lara's final act. The story is the best out of all the classical games, seeing Lara go against both her former mentor and the Egyptian god Set.
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