Why is the Nintendo Switch OLED more expensive than the original?

So Nintendo dropped a trailer for a new Switch model that has a larger OLED screen, and a few other quality of life improvements. Is the Nintendo Switch OLED version competitively priced? $50 more for a better kickstand, more internal storage, and larger OLED panel is not bad.
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Why is the Switch OLED more expensive?

Here's Why the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) Price Is $50 More Expensive. Besides the obvious upgrades to the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model), a new report suggests its $50 price increase is in part due to Nintendo decision to “test new waters for console makers.”
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Is the Switch OLED worth it over the original?

There's not much of a difference in features, sure, but there's not much difference in price either. For about $50 more, you'll get a much better handheld experience, and a connected-to-TV experience that's just as good as the original model's. If you can afford it, it's a no-brainer.
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Is it worth paying extra for Nintendo Switch OLED?

Short answer: If you play in handheld mode and struggle to read text, the increased size and image quality of the Switch OLED will almost certainly improve your playing experience. If you only play on the TV, though, there'll be no difference between the new console and your current one — stick with what you've got.
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What is the price difference between OLED Switch and regular?

The classic Nintendo Switch retails for $299, while the OLED version costs $399. This means that individuals who opt for the OLED Switch will be paying an extra hundred dollars for the improved display and increased storage for an enhanced and immersive visual experience.
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Nintendo Switch vs Switch OLED - Which Should You Buy?

Is OLED worth the extra money?

OLED TVs are the best-looking TVs you can buy, delivering extremely high image contrast, rich colors, smooth motion, and much better viewing angles than LCD TVs offer. They carry a higher price, but they're a worthwhile upgrade for anyone who is truly passionate about movies or gaming.
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How much should I pay for Nintendo Switch OLED?

How much does a Switch - OLED cost? Switch - OLED prices start at $278 and cost $315 on average as of March 2024. Switch - OLED prices will continue to get cheaper over time. Nintendo phones hold their value well, but prices will continue to drop as time passes and new models are announced.
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Is there going to be a Nintendo Switch 2?

The Switch 2 rumor mill continues to grind. The original reporting on the Switch 2's release date pegged it for a fall 2024 release in time for the holiday rush. Now, according to sources speaking to VGC, Nintendo is telling publishers the console's release date is slated for Q1 2025.
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Is Switch better than PS5?

For most people, it's the PS5. The PlayStation is faster, supports better graphics, has more third-party support and is still easy to set up and use. That said, the Switch is better for casual gamers. It's far more affordable and its portability is mighty convenient.
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Which Nintendo Switch is better?

The original Nintendo Switch is an excellent option for a gamer who plans on docking their system to a TV most of the time, but still appreciates the occasional handheld play. The Nintendo Switch OLED is ideal for the gamer who enjoys playing in TV mode just as much as in handheld mode, getting the best of both worlds.
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Do all Switch games work on OLED?

Nintendo Switch – OLED Model is compatible with the full library of Nintendo Switch games.
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Does OLED switch last longer?

The battery in the Switch OLED and original Switch is the same size, the battery in the OLED version can last up to two hours longer.
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Is OLED or LED better?

For the best overall picture quality, most experts agree that OLED is the winner. The combination of perfect black levels and a bright image make images pop in a way other technologies can't quite match.
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Do regular Joycons work on OLED?

Can I use the Joy-Con controllers I currently have with Nintendo Switch – OLED Model? Yes. The Joy-Con controllers included with Nintendo Switch – OLED Model are the same as the controllers currently available.
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Why is OLED still so expensive?

For the most part, OLED screens are so expensive because of the rare earth minerals found in internal components. The actual process to manufacture them is low-cost and easy, but the materials aren't.
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What does OLED stand for?

The acronym 'OLED' stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode - a technology that uses LEDs in which the light is produced by organic molecules.
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How much will the Switch 2 cost?

These are some of the questions on the minds of Nintendo fans as 2024 gets underway. If industry analysts are to be believed, the Switch successor should be out later this year, with a price point of $400.
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Which console is best for gaming?

The Sony PlayStation 5 remains Game Rant's best gaming console thanks to its stellar catalog of exclusives and third-party titles.
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Will Switch 2 be as powerful as PS5?

In translation, this could transform 45-50FPS images into 120-120FPS. This might give it a graphics-based edge over the PS5, but it might be safe to assume that a handheld console still might not compete with the power of the huge (but recently slimmed down) PS5.
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Is Nintendo discontinuing the Switch?

When will the Nintendo Switch be discontinued? For its part, Nintendo has confirmed that it will continue to support the Switch with new games through to the end of March 2025. Due to the immense popularity of the console, it's safe to say that it will live on beyond that date.
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How many years will the Switch last?

How long does a Nintendo Switch last? The lifespan of your Nintendo Switch is 6–10 years if you take good care of it. You shouldn't have any wear and tear or issues with internal components before then.
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Will there be a new Nintendo console in 2024?

Nintendo is targeting a March 2025 release for the successor to Switch, according to a Nikkei report (as spotted and translated by VGC) on Feb. 26. Nikkei corroborates earlier reporting by the specialist press that the console's release had slipped out of its original late 2024 window.
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Is Switch OLED WIFI better?

That said, Wi-Fi speeds are surprisingly better. I regularly hit around 65/32 Mbps on the OLED and 30/29 Mbps on the original Switch.
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Is Nintendo Switch more powerful than XBox 360?

In terms of raw GPU speed the PS3 runs at 229 Gigaflops and the XBox 360 240. The Switch runs at 157 Gigaflops undocked and 393 docked. In terms of memory there's no contest; the Switch has 4GB RAM (or as much as the PS4 or XBox One) and the PS3 and XBox 360 have half a gigabyte each.
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Does the Switch OLED have WIFI?

Yes, Nintendo Switch systems support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi.
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