Why does HDR make my screen look GREY?

The core of the problem is that it sets your HDR brightness parameters to wild values whenever you're changing game settings. So just go back to Brightness, and set correct values to the Black point, White point and Brightness - all over again. Might have to do it several times.
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Why does HDR make my screen dull?

The brightness of the screen can get darker when you turn on the HDR function on the PC. This issue only occurs when SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) converts to HDR (High Dynamic Range). This is because a display interprets an HDR and an SDR signal differently.
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Why is HDR mode greyed out?

So, to be clear: Even if HDR is greyed out in the in-game menu, it's still active in the actual game? Yes. The reason it's greyed out is because you probably have HDR set to 'always on' in the PS5's settings. It's the same for me.
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Why does HDR look desaturated?

The transition from SDR->HDR mode often leaves the user wondering why HDR is less saturated, often this is because SDR is incorrectly over saturated, stretching the Windows SDR color to the display's maximum color range.
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Why is my monitor tinting GREY?

Hardware Issue: The monitor may have a hardware problem, such as a malfunctioning backlight or a faulty cable. This can cause the screen to appear dim or have areas that are darker than others. Display Settings: It's possible that the display settings on your computer are set to low brightness or low contrast.
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HDR Windows & how to adjust it | Tips & Tutorial (HDR Video in 4K)

How do I fix dull color on my monitor?

Adjust the color settings: Use the monitor's menu buttons to adjust the color settings. Look for options like "Brightness", "Contrast", "Color Temperature", and "Gamma" and experiment with different settings to see if that improves the color quality.
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How do I stop my screen from being grey?

Solution 1: Force Shut Down PC
  1. Step 1: Remove all the external devices, USB drives, and headphones.
  2. Step 2: Hold the Power button for several seconds until your Windows shuts down. ...
  3. Step 3: Plug in the power again and turn on your computer after a couple of minutes.
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How do I make my HDR look better?

To improve the appearance of HDR content, view HDR content in a darker area and use a fairly low brightness setting. If the brightness is set to a very low level, that will increase the overall contrast between the brightest and darkest parts of the content.
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How do I adjust HDR saturation?

Select Settings > System > Display . At the top of the Display screen, select your built-in display. Select HDR or Use HDR, then select Display calibration for HDR video > Calibrate. On the Calibrate your display screen, drag the slider at the bottom to the left or right.
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Why does HDR look better than HDR?

HDR and SDR are both methods of displaying video content, but HDR offers a wider range of colors and brightness levels, resulting in a more vivid and lifelike picture. Compared to SDR, HDR video generally shows more detail in both bright and dark areas, and provides a more dynamic range of color.
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Should I enable or disable HDR?

Don't leave it active all the time, and just enable it when you need it. If you've got a game, media player or external device that can trigger HDR mode for you automatically that's even better. Just leave them to do their thing.
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Should I turn on HDR mode?

As a general rule, the HDR camera setting is useful when you have trouble balancing a photo's light. When shooting landscape photography, it can help show the details of where the sun is hitting as well as where the shadows fall. Avoid HDR when you want to capture motion, such as in sports photography.
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What is the color mode of HDR?

In SDR color space, red, green, and blue are represented by color values that range from 0 to 1. In HDR color space, additional color values are necessary to represent the more vivid colors, ranging from –6 to 8 for each color channel (red, green, and blue).
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Is HDR better than 4K?

Although there are plenty of quality TV and computer monitor screens out there, UHD 4K and 4K HDR lead the pack. Of the two, 4K HDR is a better option because it boasts a high pixel count and the ability to adjust the colors and contrast automatically, giving you a next-level viewing experience.
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Should HDR brightness be high or low?

To get a better experience watching HDR content, we recommend viewing it in a darker area and using a medium-low brightness setting. However, if the lighting conditions for the room you are in are too bright or too dark, you might need to adjust the display's brightness.
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Does HDR just make the screen brighter?

HDR is different. Its main purpose is, as its name suggests, to create a higher dynamic range—that is, a bigger gap between the dark parts of a scene and the bright parts. In HDR, bright highlights can be 1,000 nits or more, depending on the capabilities of your TV.
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How do you calibrate HDR color?

The Windows HDR Calibration app helps you improve color accuracy and consistency. It also lets you customize how vividly colors will appear for both HDR and SDR (standard dynamic range) content when HDR is turned on. You can download the Windows HDR Calibration app from the Microsoft Store.
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Why does 4k look washed out?

It's most likely a bandwidth limitation, of either your cable, or monitor.
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Does HDR affect Colour?

HDR (high dynamic range) is an established family of standards that enables monitors to show brighter, more vivid images with increased colour impact.
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What should I set my HDR to?

To utilize the full potential of your HDR TV, we recommend that you set the HDR brightness to the maximum in picture settings. Some TVs use a light sensor to automatically adjust brightness based on ambient light levels in your viewing environment.
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Is HDR the best picture mode?

HDR images can achieve brighter highlights with more contrast. Many HDR TVs also have wide color gamut, resulting in deeper, richer colors with content that supports it.
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Does HDR affect picture quality?

It enhances the picture quality in movies and shows by displaying a wider range of colors with brighter highlights compared to Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) content. However, even if a TV accepts an HDR signal, it doesn't mean that content automatically looks good, as the TV needs to display the image properly.
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How do I change my grey screen?

Here's how:
  1. Find the Settings feature on your Android device and tap it to open the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down and tap Accessibility to open the Accessibility menu.
  3. Tap Visibility enhancements to open the color adjustment options menu.
  4. Scroll and tap down Grayscale.
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Does grey screen reduce blue light?

By flipping your device into grayscale mode, you can reduce the amount of blue light emitted by your phone's screen, making it easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep. Plus, shades of black, white and gray are simply less stimulating than bright colors.
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What is grayscale mode?

Use Grayscale for Accessibility and to Beat Smartphone Addiction. Grayscale on Android turns everything black and white. If you have color blindness, grayscale can improve accessibility, and you should utilize it whenever you come across an interface that heavily uses colors you can't discern.
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